Our company, Electraplan-Termelő Kft., Was awarded the Pegasus Award in 2019, thanks to our hard, persistent work.


The awards are presented by Enterprise Investors, a private equity and venture capital fund management company, Bisnode, one of Europe’s leading digital business information providers, and Dentons, the world’s largest law firm.

The award is given to the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises in three regions – Western Hungary, Central Hungary and Eastern Hungary. The selection of the winners is based on the growth rate of the given companies, the intensity of growth in recent years, and the transparency of the companies. Depending on the sales revenue, companies presenting outstanding development receive awards in two categories each year – Emerging and Market Leading. The companies nominated for the award are selected on the basis of objective criteria and public company data, it is not possible to apply.

Based on the public company data provided by Bisnode, the final ranking of the rankings will be decided by the Enterprise Investors team of experts, taking into account a number of criteria and the transparency of the companies. Based on the above, the Pegasus Award can therefore be won by a company operating in the manufacturing or services sector:

  • which has achieved the highest growth in previous years compared to other companies in the given region.
  • which is owned by the Hungarian majority
  • whose sales revenue was over HUF 500 million in the previous year.
  • which had a positive EBITDA value for the previous year.
  • that has been established for at least five years and is still active, and
    has sufficient liquidity.

Of course, it is also a basic condition that the business must not be in the interest of the companies awarding the prize and their owners.