Electraplan Termelő Kft set itself the objective of contributing to the spread of renewable energies, especially solar energy in the current favourable market environment as much as it is possible.

Magyarszilaj Kft. is the member of the Electraplan group. It was purchased by Electraplan Termelő Kft. from the previous owner. The previous owner conducted the authorisation process of the small solar power plants to be established under the following lot number with Electraplan Kft:

  • Nyirád 0124/15

The areas may be related to the owners of Electraplan.

This location is in Veszprém county.

We would like to build such power plants that are good in terms of business and energy production. That is why we plan to design our power plants with state-of-the-art materials.

  • With Winaico solar cell which provides a guarantee for the production of solar cells in a unique way
  • With Kaco state-of-the-art inverters
  • With Electraplan E-Solar frameworks.

In addition, we select the contractor based on strict criteria:

  • Minimum 5 MW reference.
  • reliable team

Based on these, Szalontai Rendszerintegrátor Kft. is the winner.


The AC performance of the power plants, that is, the total performance of the inverters is 499 kW, while the total performance of solar panels is 600 kWp for better production.

Solar cells


Our first choice is the Taiwanese Winaico polycrystalline solar cell with PERC technology. This is a high-quality product on the solar panel market. Due to PERC technology the solar cells produce more by a few percents than the solar panels without this technology in any operating mode.

The point of PERC technology is that the light entering through the silicon cells but not utilised is reflected by a special layer on the back of the panel. Thus the light beam can be utilised after the reflection.

The Winaico uniquely provides a 2-year guarantee for the produced electricity which may be extended for 10 years. Of course, we would like to buy the additional 10-year guarantee period.


We use the top-quality inverters of the German Kaco factory developed specially for solar power plants. These inverters have an extensive Hungarian service network; they respond to the potential failures within 24 hours.

The guarantee is 5 years, but it may be extended for 10 years. Of course, we would like to buy the additional 10-year guarantee period.

Garancia a termékekre 5 év, de a garancia 10 évre bővíthető. Természetesen meg szeretnénk vásárolni a 10 év garanciát.


We would like to use our own-produced E-Solar Eco 2 vertical framework.

Exploiting its manufacturing capacity of thousands of tons in each year, Electraplan Termelő Kft. took a step towards the solar cell framework industry first in the Hungarian market. During the period since then, they manufactured frameworks for around 50 Mwp solar cell. Thus they have the most references among the Hungarian manufacturers.

Their projects range from frameworks serving to fix a few solar cells up to the 10-MWp investments. As an additional service, the mechanical assembly of the power plants is performed by their own mechanics.

Electraplan is capable of manufacturing many types of frameworks in terms of allocation and pitch. In these projects, we choose 2 vertical Eco frameworks most suitable for the 0.5 Mwp projects.

The bearing capacity of the frameworks is certified by a structural engineer who is a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers. The measurement of the structures is compliant with EUROCODE standards. We provide a 15-year full guarantee for the frameworks.

The areas where the power plants will be constructed are former mines. The characteristic of these areas that they are extremely alkaline, thus the traditional technology is not enough to protect the surface of the structure. So we need a uniquely produced framework made of a special or a coated material.


Since quality is a primary aspect in the case of power plants, the following general contractor is an option:

One of the first companies in Hungary which appeared on the market of solar cells. They are founding members of the Manap solar association:

Szalontai Rendszerintegrátor Kft. has a reference of around 5 MW solar plant as a general contractor, thus they are one of the largest general contractors in Hungary. In addition, they worked as a subcontractor in case of many 10 MW solar plants.