Machinery park

Machinery park

CNC Fiber Laser Cutter

max. cutable board size 6000x2000 mm

The advantage of Fiber lasers over CO lasers is that their operation is significantly more economical, making them cheaper, the cutting speed is higher for thin plates, cutting is more accurate, and cutting quality is higher.

Most laser cutters in Hungary have a maximum cutable board size of 3000×1500 mm, in contrast, the maximum cutting area of our machine in Vésztő is 6000×2000 mm. With the Edge Bending Machine with a bending length of 6000 mm, we are able to produce a number of complex products and profiles with unique punching.

  • steel up to 15 mm material thickness
  • stainless steel up to 10 mm material thickness
  • Aluminium up to 6 mm material thickness
  • Copper up to 5 mm material thickness
  • Brass up to 4 mm material thickness
  • Unique iron structures, steel profiles with edge benders
  • Intricate hole image, close-to-each other holes for shapes and profiles
  • For custom parts and metal boxes, with the edge bender
  • If high size accuracy is required
  • Plate parts
  • Copper and aluminium parts
  • Souvenirs, company signs

CNC Hydraulic Edge Bender

max. bending length 6200 mm, max. bending force 320 t

Our company purchased the CNC edge bending machine from the Turkish manufacturer Baykal, which has more than 60 years of experience.

We have two APH-33160 machines that can operate separately but work together in tandem mode on demand. So, under a profile length of 3 m, we can produce on two machines at once, and over 3 meters we switch to tandem mode.


  • Hydraulic edge bender, bending length: 3000mm
  • Eccentric edge bender, bending length: 2500mm
  • Rolling machine line
  • Shears cutting length: 2500mm and 3000mm
  • Eccentric presses: 25 t 2 pieces, 40 t 1 piece, 63 t 1 piece, 100 t 2 pieces, 150 t 1 piece, 160 t 1 piece
  • 2 pieces of 10 ton hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic profile steel cutting machine
  • Bandsaw 2 pieces
  • Frame hacksaw
  • Aluminum circular saws
  • CO welding machines 8 pieces
  • Plasma cutter: for cutting steel sheets up to 12 millimeters
  • Afi welder 8 pieces
  • TIG aluminum and stainless steel welder 2 pieces
  • inverter welder 1 piece
  • Spot welding machines 2 pieces
  • Stud welding machine 1 piece