Energy distribution systems

Energy distribution systems

EVOline energy distribution systems provide an intelligent solution for the distribution of energy and data – from the connector to the electrical equipment of the entire building.

Life is becoming more complex, more flexible and more mobile. What used to be permanent has now become temporary. The central has become decentralized, the analog has become digital. This, in turn, raises new needs and solutions in both everyday and business life. Whether at home, at work, or on the road – we need energy and data everywhere to unfold and connect with the world.

Technology Design

without compromises

EVOline’s philosophy is to bring decentralized power distribution, connection and protection as close as possible to the product and to any electrical faults that may occur in all areas of life.

Different user needs require different solutions. EVOline products offer many possibilities in the field of electrification, protection as well as in the field of data and multimedia data transmission.

EVOline energy distribution systems offer complete uniqueness to all users.

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